Paul Ainsworth is the Director of Ariel Trust and is responsible for organisational strategy, fund raising and management of the staff team as well as the development and delivery of services to young people. For over 20 years he has delivered creative media projects that engage, motivate and change the lives of young people. He has a talent for developing projects which are transformational for participants and deliver the outcomes required by a wide variety of different customers. In 21st century Britain young people are living lives dominated by mobile phones, social media and the internet Paul believes the need for an organisation like Ariel Trust has never been greater.

Helen Johnson is the Assistant Director at Ariel Trust and has responsibly for Fundraising & Financial Management. She has chosen to work in the voluntary sector throughout her career because it is important to her that her work makes a positive contribution to the community she lives in. She understands that creativity, flexibility and a willingness to embrace change are vital if third sector organisations are to survive in tough economic times. She is committed to defending Ariel's core values at such a time.

With over 17 years of experience of working within Arts education. Her ethos is focused around ‘giving a voice to the voiceless’.  She firmly believes that work around this subject can make a huge impact on young people's lives.  Her passion for helping young people reach their potential, by breaking down barriers through creative engagement, is akin to Ariel Trust’s values. She believes that Ariel plays a vital role within the communities they engage.  She looks forward to the challenges ahead and hopes to be able to make a difference within the lives of the young people she works with.