Feelings WheelAriel is currently working with schools on Wirral using our ‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ resource to explore prejudice and discrimination in our communities.  We used the film, ‘Science Project’, to explore differing generational attitudes by looking at the feelings of characters Aarushi and Daniel in response to the outdated reactions of their grandparents.  Using our ‘emotion wheel’ we talked through basic to more complex emotions and the pupils began to distinguish between both.  One pupil described the emotions of Aarushi as ‘conflicted’.  When asked to explain this to the rest of the class he said ‘because she feels pulled between her family and what is the right thing to do’.  

In another school we are working on how to put these feelings into a sentence using forum theatre. The pupils are practising using the words within the emotion wheel to role play the conversation between the characters and their grandparents, a challenging conversation to have. This is helping us as practitioners learn how difficult it is for the young people to articulate exactly what they feel when communicating with an adult.  We can then experiment with the pupils, through the use of forum theatre, and find ways of solving these communication problems.