We are back in Wirral schools delivering face to face sessions using our ‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ resources. 

We are delivering practical sessions using forum theatre. Using the animations from the resource as a starting point, we ask the pupils to split the story into still images to express the turning points of the film. We then move on to improvising scenes around the character's motivations. We explore skills that the pupils need to successfully ask for help from a trusted adult and try to come up with a resolution to the conflict. By the end of the sessions the pupils will have worked on a number of skills including the following:

  • Resistance skills.

  • Communication.

  • Team work.

  • Resilience.

  • Problem solving.

  • Perseverance.

  • Coping confidently with life’s challenges.  

  • Learning from mistakes.

  • Empathising with others.

  • Recognise and manage their own feelings.

We believe that working in this way really helps the pupils to gain vital skills needed to resist pressure put upon them by others and to develop the language skills needed to explain to trusted adults what is happening to them. So far the schools have really invested in the sessions and the pupils are gaining confidence and enjoying the creative atmosphere.