In order to continuously improve the quality of our work we are looking for partners who are willing to implement these programs of learning, collect feedback and then work with us to identify ways that we can refine and improve our online resources.

If you work in a school or local authority and would like to become a delivery partner please send us an email using the link below: or via our contact form

Ariel Trust is a not-for-profit organisation; we offer demonstrator projects in order to share good practice with potential partners. Our aim is to collaborate with people, who are tackling the impact that violence has on the lives of children. By working together in order to evaluate and continuously improve violence reduction interventions we can maximise the impact of that work. 

In exchange for access to our existing resources we ask development partners to help collect data from children, in order to measure changes in their “social competence skills”, and feedback from teachers so that we can continue to improve the quality of our online resources.

We aim to grow development partnerships into properly funded projects.  However our not-for-profit status means that every penny is invested in the ongoing evaluation and improvement of violence reduction education resources.

Our vision includes a national network of development partners, focused on the emerging challenges associated with children’s use of social media.  This partnership would have the capacity to listen to children across the UK and create scenario based programs based on the stories that they tell us.  By working together this network could continuously evaluate and improve the quality of those programmes in order to develop the most effective violence reduction education that is possible. 

Read more about some of our current partnerships here:-