Ariel has been working in partnership with Wirral MBC to engage teachers in our programmes for a number of years but this year’s teacher training events faced a new challenge – bringing teachers from different schools together during the pandemic.  The solution, as has frequently been the case during 2020, was Zoom!

Ariel spent the first lockdown exploring how screen sharing and split screens could be used to demonstrate our online resources and even how we could demonstrate role play scenarios; replicating the face-to-face programme that we usually deliver in a virtual environment.  We were nervous as to whether this approach could be effective in rolling out our new ‘Grassing & Grooming’ resource, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive, allowing schools to integrate this important programme into their PSHE timetabling.

Feedback schools indicate that they feel the programme will support them in delivering the new Relationship Education curriculum, SMSC and to meet schools safeguarding responsibilities:-

“It was helpful and interesting. What I think will be most interesting will be when introducing the information to pupils gathering their thoughts and finding out how relevant it is to them. (probably more than we expect or realise.)”

Birkenhead High (Juniors)


I knew very little about grooming before this session and always associated it with men grooming girls for sexual abuse.  It was enlightening to see it can happen in other areas of crime and really opened my eyes to the other threats our children face.”

New Brighton Primary