26th Oct 2021
Ariel Trust has been commissioned to share our ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ resource with 120 primary schools across Merseyside.  For a small organisation this represents a very demanding target but with half of the year gone we have already seen 95 schools sign up to become delivery partners.
26th Oct 2021
In order to extend the reach of our work with schools in North West England we have entered into a new partnership with Edge Hill University (EHU). Based in Lancashire, the university trains teachers who are placed in primary schools across that county.  We are working with Senior Lecturer Dr.
4th Oct 2021
We are back in Wirral schools delivering face to face sessions using our ‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ resources. 
14th Sep 2021
Ariel is committed to the continuous improvement of our programmes with the aim of maximising the impacts that we deliver for young people.  Recent evaluation of our SafeSkills programme, conducted with Dartington Service Design Lab, identified a number of ways to improve the impact of our work; these included increasing the ‘dose’ and improving the ‘fidelit
10th Sep 2021
Independent evaluation suggested that we could deliver a bigger impact if we increase the amount of time young people spend practicing refusal or resistance skills (dose) and improve the quality of the role play activities (fidelity).
26th Jul 2021
We have been delivering a lot of face to face work in the recent months and it feels great to be back in the classroom! We have been able to work on our ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ resource using forum theatre as a medium. The classes have been able to perform mini scenes where they can stop/freeze the action when they feel they have an idea of how to produce a more positive outcome.
17th Feb 2021
Ariel have welcomed an opportunity to work with Merseyside Police Violence Reduction Partnership to help increase awareness of criminal child exploitation in Knowsley primary schools.
12th Feb 2021
Ariel's Sessional Facilitator, Caitlin, talks about the processes of adapting delivery during the pandemic: "When the first lockdown hit in March 2020 many of our planned sessions in schools had to be cancelled. We lost contact with lots of children suddenly and immediately, sometimes half way through learning about some pretty tough stuff.
3rd Feb 2021
Rachael tells us about her experience of delivering virtual forum theatre workshops for primary schools:- “We have been creating virtual drama based activities for schools over the past month and have started teaching pupils online. My sessions are all about ‘Resilience online’ and how to decipher good from bad within social media and online gaming.