21st Jun 2022
Five schools in Skelmersdale are taking part in a trial to test and develop a suite of trauma-informed resources designed to tackle grooming.
15th Jun 2022
Ariel’s recent ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ teacher training project will be presented at the Annual Conference on Research in Education during July. 
25th May 2022
Ariel have been working with teachers to share our forum theatre practice as an engaging and effective way of delivering safeguarding education in primary schools.
24th May 2022
Ariel has launched a new project piloting our ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ resource in partnership with five schools in Skelmersdale.  ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ explores criminal exp
7th Dec 2021
With the forum theatre training complete, our Edge Hill student teachers are now beginning to deliver ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ in their placement school.  The students have responded very positively to the training with one tweeting “T
16th Nov 2021
Ariel is currently working with schools on Wirral using our ‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ resource to explore prejudice and discrimination in our communities.  We used the film, ‘Science Project’, to explore differing generational attitudes by looking at the feelings of characters Aarushi and Daniel in response
26th Oct 2021
Ariel Trust has been commissioned to share our ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ resource with 120 primary schools across Merseyside.  For a small organisation this represents a very demanding target but with half of the year gone we have already seen 95 schools sign up to become delivery partners.
26th Oct 2021
In order to extend the reach of our work with schools in North West England we have entered into a new partnership with Edge Hill University (EHU). Based in Lancashire, the university trains teachers who are placed in primary schools across that county.  We are working with Senior Lecturer Dr.
4th Oct 2021
We are back in Wirral schools delivering face to face sessions using our ‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ resources. 
14th Sep 2021
Ariel is committed to the continuous improvement of our programmes with the aim of maximising the impacts that we deliver for young people.  Recent evaluation of our SafeSkills programme, conducted with Dartington Service Design Lab, identified a number of ways to improve the impact of our work; these included increasing the ‘dose’ and improving the ‘fidelit