Ariel Trust has published a number of resources for primary schools; CyberSense, SafeSkills and Skills to Resist Radicalisation. Evidence suggests that using these resources as part of a joined up programme will deliver best results. Using all three resources means that we increase the “dose” that we are offering to children. In other words, the more children practice the skills that they need to resist different forms of grooming, the more competent they become in using those skill.

We are keen that teachers see our resources as part of a coherent programme. However the school timetable is very tight, Ofsted set ambitious targets and schools have to prioritise. Its hard for teachers to find the time to implement all three of our resources.

The new Relation Education curriculum that became compulsory in September 2020 has shifted schools’ priorities. The new curriculum suggest that all schools should teach children the language to talk about different forms of exploitation and provide a space in which children can become confident using that language. This is the aim of our programme,

Since September we have seen a number of new schools, in Knowsley, become delivery partners. Northwood Primary in Kirkby has written all three resources into their delivery plan. Karyn Black is leading the initiative on behalf of the Schools and said, “These resources work well for our pupils and help us to deliver the objectives set out in the national curriculum.”