As 'national child expolitation day' approaches Ariel Trust would like to announce the great news that Merseyside Police have currently funded further roll out and training for teachers around our new Safeskills resource.

The funding will provide teachers across Merseyside with the opportunity to attend twilight training sessions, in order to learn how to gain the highest impact when delivering the resource.

So far the interest and feedback in 'SafeSkills' has been very positive, with 129 teachers and agency workers trained to use the resource so far. 

‘SafeSkills’ is a new preventative education resource for young people aged 9-12 years. The resource aims to improve the safety of young people in our community in relation to the risks associated with grooming. 

The resource has been developed in partnership with various agencies, such as NSPCC and Liverpool’s ‘Protect’ team. We have consulted teachers to ensure the resource is age appropriate and that the lessons support both teachers and pupil’s needs.

The resource consists of three modules; motivations and intentions, talking about your feelings and the role of the bystander. It includes short films and interactive activities designed to promote discussion in a safe space.

Using films and interactive, skill based, activities about grooming behaviour and controlling relationships, the resource will develop young people’s resilience, equipping them with the necessary skills to protect themselves against grooming risks. 

The film themes consist of; gaming, gifts, park life, disclosing personal information online, communicating feelings and the role of the bystander.

'SafeSkills' will be used by teachers and other professionals to empower young people in practical ways.  The resource focuses on identifying opportunities for a young person to take action or to ask for support.

It will help young people to develop their communication skills and increase their resilience, helping them to build a network of people that they can turn to for support. The resource presents realistic situations in an implicit, non-threatening but thought provoking way.

Claire McKinnon, year 6 teacher from St. William of York said, “Our kids loved the resource and it was really relevant to their needs.”

If you would like more information on attending a twilight session or to access safe skills if you are a non-Merseyside school, please contact or