This project will work with teachers and pupils to evaluate and develop a prototype resource that focuses on the criminal exploitation of young people.  The resource focuses on a key barrier which gangs exploit to prevent young people from speaking out and asking for help if they or their friends begin to get drawn into the gang’s orbit; the idea that ‘grassing’ is wrong and that they are already criminalised by their involvement rather than being a victim of exploitation. 

We will work with 15 schools across the 5 boroughs of Merseyside to test out and refine the activities more widely and ensure that they are appropriate for their intended audience (Year 6 pupils).  We will share the resources with teachers and ensure they are confident using them in the classroom.  We will then facilitate piloting of the resources in these schools engaging 300 young people.   We will collect extensive feedback from both the teachers and their pupils in order to improve the impacts of the activities and ensure that they effectively engage pupils from diverse backgrounds.