Ariel is committed to the continuous improvement of our programmes with the aim of maximising the impacts that we deliver for young people.  Recent evaluation of our SafeSkills programme, conducted with Dartington Service Design Lab, identified a number of ways to improve the impact of our work; these included increasing the ‘dose’ and improving the ‘fidelity’ of the role play activities; both are critical to skill development.

In response to this we developed a project to test out whether forum theatre techniques could be used to implement the recommendations of Dartington.  In order to do this Ariel Trust recruited a group of theatre practitioners, to work alongside teachers, delivering enhanced role play activities as part of our ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ resource.

We have just published a report describing the first cycle in this improvement process and setting out the next steps, which include evaluating brand new content for the resource with partners in Lancashire.  You can read the report here.