Formby forum theatreWe have been delivering a lot of face to face work in the recent months and it feels great to be back in the classroom!

We have been able to work on our ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ resource using forum theatre as a medium. The classes have been able to perform mini scenes where they can stop/freeze the action when they feel they have an idea of how to produce a more positive outcome.

The focus of the most recent sessions has been developing resistance skills: 

  • Identifying the ‘right’ decision (moral compass) 
  • Valuing your Own Opinion (believe that you are right)
  • Stating your views assertively* (don’t be aggressive but do be firm) 

*Assertive behaviour includes standing up straight, making eye contact, and stating your position clearly. Not making excuses, simply say how you feel about it.

Working on such skills has produced some interesting outcomes. The groups are developing ways of how to say no when they feel pressured. We will be continuing this work right up until the last week of term when hopefully the groups will perform their scenes and use the forum theatre skills they have learnt to adapt and change negative outcomes to more positive ones.