The project brings together international experts to develop a common approach to media education training, learn from each other and exchange experiences. It is realized by seven organizations: Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska from Poland, JFF from Germany, Centro Zaffiria from Italy, Karpos from Greece, Ariel Trust from Great Britain and Imec and Evens Foundation from Belgium.

The most important and significant part of the project is preparation of the innovative media literacy training programme: European Media Literacy Standard for Youth Workers. Standard will help to identify skills, qualifications and raise the quality of youth work and training in media education field, improving access to Open Educational Resources in this area. The project will consist of four 2-day transnational project meetings, remote collaborative work on a complete training resources pack as well as 6 multiplier events carried out by partners in their countries. EMELS will start a positive change in the media education programmes in Europe.

For more information visit the project website.