3. Staff

Usage Agreements

The internet is now an essential tool for everyday life and it is vital that young people learn to use it safely.  We have developed two agreements that you can use to open discussions about appropriate usage and to set the boundries about what is appropriate in the school environment.  These documents will provide written agreements between both the school and parents and, seperately, between the school and pupil.


Responding to disclosures

When you deliver CyberSense, you may find that there is an increase in disclosures from pupils.  Your school will already have safeguarding policies and procedures in place, which should be followed in these circumstances.  We have developed a number of practical tools that may help you to record disclosures or to navigate through the process.  We have also included a list of external agencies that can provide support to you, to pupils or to parents.

Should you require any further support and information in developing safeguarding policies and proceedures the South West Grid for Learning provides lots of useful templates that can be adapted from their website.