1. Introduction

Welcome to the CyberSense Whole School resources!

This section of the website provides you with a range of resources that you might want to use to engage the wider school community; senior managers, parents and pupils across the whole school intake.  The resources are split into four sections, accessed from the menu on the left, and include things like presentations for assemblies and a poster campaign.

Evidence shows that preventative education programmes, such as CyberSense, deliver the greatest impact when the wider community is engaged in the programme.  This will also help you to more effectively meet the requirements of the new Ofsted inspection framework.  Ofsted have made significant changes in the way they consider and inspect Online Safety and have placed an increased focus on safeguarding, including ‘online safety’ and ‘online bullying’. This new approach promotes the role of educating young people and staff alongside the use of technological filters and measures.