2. Module Overview

Module Overview: A skills-based approach

The CyberSense programme has been informed by an understanding of what works in relation to preventative education. The evidence shows that awareness raising alone is not enough to bring about behavioural change and that a focus on skills is essential.  You will see this skills-based approach in the structure of CyberSense; the programme consists of three modules, each developing a particular area of skills.

  • Module 1 focuses on strategies to de-escalate conflict, avoiding online behaviour that might escalate to 'flame wars'
  • Module 2 looks at communicating feelings in constructive ways
  • Module 3 focuses on the bystander and how bystanders can intervene and support their peers

A detailed explanation of this module structure is below.  It outlines the aims of each lesson and provides a summary of the materials you will need to deliver the session.