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CyberSense has been designed to raise awareness of cyber-bullying. It provides children with the skills to recognise, respond to and report cyber-bullying, whilst promoting safe use of social media and the internet. 

The resource includes a range of interactive multi-media activities, covering important topics such as; self esteem, peer pressure and the impact of gaming. It has been developed for use with Key Stage 2, years 5 and 6 and has been mapped to the primary curriculum.

CyberSense, contains eight exercises that engage and motivate pupils, including, debate, storyboards and role play.

All exercises include lesson plans, teacher notes and additional activities, that can be found at the bottom of each exercise on the CyberSense resource.

The resource is aimed at all ability levels and will help pupils to take positive action to challenge Cyber-bullying.

Sarah Spoor, Sandfield Park Primary, Liverpool said of the resource, “Excellent resource, just at the right level and really engaged the pupils.”

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1. Cyber-Stories
2. Storyboards
3. Role Play
4. Judge Kadeem
5. Spot The Symbol
6. Problems & Solutions
7. Circle of Support
8. Big Cyber Quiz