Independent evaluation suggested that we could deliver a bigger impact if we increase the amount of time young people spend practicing refusal or resistance skills (dose) and improve the quality of the role play activities (fidelity).

To do this we recruited a group of theatre practitioners (TPs) to work alongside teachers who are delivering our 'Grassing or Grooming?' programme.  During the first half of 2021 the TPs delivered a series of theatre workshops in our partner schools.  Children played the role of the bystander, the victim and the perpetrator in a scenario developed with the support of Merseyside Police.

TPs and children worked together to develop strategies that can be used to refuse or resist the process of grooming.

The lessons learned by our TPs is currently being developed into new resources that will appear on our 'Grassing or Grooming?' web site soon.  We will contact all of our partner schools to share these with you as soon as we can. Watch this space!