Ariel is committed to working with young people to design creative solutions to the challenges they face. The content for our prevention education resources is all based around the real life experiences that young people have shared with us. We work with them through creative workshop programmes to develop their experiences into scripts that become the animations in our resources and to explore positive response to real world challenges. Their ideas and creativity are at the heart of the activities that we develop.

Our current core co-creation project, funded by The National Lottery, is delivering creative projects that provide safe spaces where young people can explore the impact that social media is having on them and develop healthy ways of responding to this. Young people decide the key themes that they want to explore and we facilitate a programme of workshops that allow them to do this; through this creative process they explore the problems associated with social media and create potential solutions. The workshops use a range of media to explore the young people’s ideas and to develop the final project ‘production’.