We are currently working with Merseyside Youth Offenders Service (MYOS) on a resource focused on ‘Decision Making’.  Ariel worked with a number of young people within the MYOS system before the lockdown to help create the scripts and learning activities, this allowed us to make the resource feel accessible and truthful to the audience. 

We have commissioned an animator, Katherine Lindhorst, to work on the films within the three modules. Each module focuses on different aspects of the decision making process - short term, medium and long term. This means the resource will support the MYOS team to enable the young people to address and develop their decision making skills and in turn reduce the risk of reoffending.

We are proud of the fact that, even though we have been in a lockdown situation. we have continued to adapt and creatively overcome problems that we were faced with. Hard work on this side of things has meant we have been able to continue to push on with the project and deliver training to all five Merseyside teams. The feedback is positive and youth workers and managers have been able to consult with us to adapt the resources to their specific needs:- 

“One young man I was working with said the films are very realistic - even the one with the girl as the lead character - he said he could relate to the stories in both films”

“Even when working with the young people over the phone or online the resource is working. It is flexible enough for us to adapt it to our needs”. 

“I really like the film with the character that has opposing decisions going on in their head, this will really engage the young people as it's something that they go through all the time”.