‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ (StRR) is an interactive online resource that allows teachers to explore issues of extremism and radicalisation and to build young people’s resilience to these messages. The resources was developed using a co-creation process and aims to encourage young people to think critically about extreme material that they may come across.

The resource contains three key modules, each designed to develop critical thinking skills and to develop positive communication strategies:-

Module 1 - Responding to different messages from inside and outside school

  • develops language to talk about intolerance
  • analyses how it feels when torn between different value systems
  • develops strategies and skills to ask for help and to communicate with people who may be promoting values associated with intolerance


Module 2 - Critical thinking skills to resist radicalisation

  • distinguishing between facts and opinions and analysing how extreme opinions are not supported by facts
  • recognising important stages in the radicalisation process and identify actions that an individual can take in order resist the process of radicalisation
  • exploring what it is to be a critical thinker, use critical thinking skills to spot ‘fake news’


Module 3 - Responding positively to extreme material online

  • understanding how social media works particularly looking at Echo Chambers and Clickbait
  • exploring how the Internet encourages and promotes sensational comments to drive online activity
  • consider ways in which to be a ‘critical thinker’ during online activity
Age Range
10-12 years
All age ability