What is Senseless and how does it support the English Curriculum?
Senseless explores issues of racial bullying and race hate through the development of an educational film Senseless.  The resource contains a range of spoken language and listening exercises that will get the pupils thinking about the effects of racism.  
There are 11 interactive exercises including a whole class debate, 'what is spoken language?' and individual presentations by pupils. All exercises can be tailored to suit the needs of individual groups. These exercises get the pupils thinking about how they might act differently if they were in the same situation as the characters in the film.
An example exercise is the 'individual presentation', in which pupils are encouraged to examine topics such as  as parental attitudes, peer pressure or more specific subjects such as racism in sport. To view to a lesson plan, click here.

Can Senseless be used to 'close the gap'? 

Senseless uses a collaborative learning approach in order to encourage pupils to speak out against racism whilst also raising academic attainment.

Activities are interactive and visually stimulating and so particularly suitable for lower ability groups. The resource can be used for both whole-class and targeted interventions; we recommend a whole-class approach because the resource is designed to take a preventative approach.

It can therefore be used to motivate disadvantaged pupils in order to support schools to ‘close the gap’ within their school environment.


What is the impact of Senseless?

Senseless has been shown to be particularly effective in engaging and motivating young people who are currently failing in English and can support schools work with this group to achieve the Government’s floor standards.

It has been shown to improve young people's achievement in their controlled assessments; see the evidence here.

"Senseless motivated my class to work harder than normal and their grades improved!”
  English KS3 Co-ordinator, Childwall Sports College

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