Merseyside PCC, Emily Spurrell and Liverpool Mayor, Joanne Anderson will be launching our new ‘Skills for Healthy Relationships’ website today (Thursday 2 March).

They will visit St Cecelia’s School in Liverpool to see a group of pupils perform their forum theatre scenes, which are based on the film ‘Send me a Selfie’. They will demonstrate the strategies that they have developed in order to stand up to peer pressure and to refuse to send a selfie. This type of skills development and practice is typical of the activities included in Ariel’s programmes and reflects the evidence of what is best practice within prevention education.

‘Skills for Healthy Relationships’ is currently available free to all Merseyside Primary Schools thanks to funding from Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership and from the Home Office Safer Streets programme. If you are interested in accessing one of our online training sessions please email Further details of the sessions are attached below.