Science ProjectFollowing the disturbing events in Knowsley, which demonstrate the potential negative effects of the radicalisation of young people, Ariel would like to remind our partners that our ‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ is designed to support teachers to explore these issues in the classroom in a safe, age-appropriate way.

‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ helps children to recognise the way in which extreme organisations try to groom young people. It provides an opportunity to practice refusal skills and asking for help. It asks children to think about who they will talk to if someone shares extreme material with them. Pupils from year’s 5 and 6 are asked to practice communication skills, to think about what words they would use and they are engaged in role plays designed to help them become confident using complicated vocabulary.

One of the teachers involved in a pilot project told us, “Children have become critical thinkers. They have developed improved refusal skills and have used these skills within the lessons. I have also seen children use these skills independently when dealing with friendship issues, which was great to see”.

We are currently funded by Merseyside VRP and can offer free training and access to the resource to all Merseyside Primary Schools – more details below – please contact to book a place on one of our online sessions.