Image from film Grassing or Grooming?Five schools in Skelmersdale are taking part in a trial to test and develop a suite of trauma-informed resources designed to tackle grooming. Pupils from years 5 and 6 will be engaged in a new programme called ‘Grassing or Grooming?’  Find out more below or please contact us at

A teacher from Brookfield Park said, "We have growing concerns in our local area regarding gang culture and peer pressure. These resources help teach children about these concerns in an engaging way".   

Though ‘Grassing or Grooming?’ contains a film that tells a story about a child being groomed, the action stops and pupils are asked to step into the role of the characters from the film. By stopping the action before the story comes to a dramatic climax the resource aims to avoid retraumatising children.

This programme of learning is based on research by Thomas et al (2015) who found that, “curricula were effective only where they included teaching social competence skills, whereas those focusing on knowledge alone were ineffective”. While playing the role of the bystander, the victim and the perpetrator children are asked to rehearse communication skills that they can use in a real-life situation.

The role play activities are designed to provide a safe environment in which children can make sense of their experiences. Discussion is focused on the behaviour of fictional characters so that children can talk openly without having to own the ideas that they are articulating. By taking on the role of different characters children can talk about concerns or fears, without having to say, “I am concerned about this” or “I am worried about that”.

Evaluation of this work is being supported by Edge Hill University, if you would like to be updated about their findings, please get in touch via