Ariel have been working with teachers to share our forum theatre practice as an engaging and effective way of delivering safeguarding education in primary schools.

Sessions have explored themes related to gang-based grooming for criminal exploitation and have involved pupils and teachers acting out the scenario of a child asking for help from a teacher and the teacher having to explain their duty to report the matter to the authorities. 

At a feedback session the teacher described this session as “the best piece of safeguarding training I have ever had. I have been teaching for over 30 years and have never been able to put something into practise like this”.  The value of the session was further seen a few weeks later the same teacher had to respond to a safeguarding incident with one of the pupils from the class related to an online safety issue.

The pupil came to her and asked to talk. She said she sat in the room in a chair listening to him - then he stopped and looked at her and said “This is just like when we practised it with Rachael in class isn’t it miss?  So I know you have to tell someone now to keep me safe”. The teacher said it was wonderful to be able to feel confident in that situation and great that the pupil also had an understanding of the situation and the steps that would happen next with a safeguarding disclosure.