12th Feb 2021
Ariel's Sessional Facilitator, Caitlin, talks about the processes of adapting delivery during the pandemic: "When the first lockdown hit in March 2020 many of our planned sessions in schools had to be cancelled. We lost contact with lots of children suddenly and immediately, sometimes half way through learning about some pretty tough stuff.
3rd Feb 2021
Rachael tells us about her experience of delivering virtual forum theatre workshops for primary schools:- “We have been creating virtual drama based activities for schools over the past month and have started teaching pupils online. My sessions are all about ‘Resilience online’ and how to decipher good from bad within social media and online gaming. 
19th Jan 2021
Ariel Trust has published a number of resources for primary schools; CyberSense, SafeSkills and Skills to Resist Radicalisation. Evidence suggests that using these resources as part of a joined up programme will deliver best results. Using all three resources means that we increase the “dose” that we are offering to children. In other words, the more children practice the skills that they need to resist different forms of grooming, the more competent they become in using those skill.
11th Jan 2021
During the Autumn term of 2020, which was disrupted by lockdown, 50 teachers from 18 Liverpool schools attended teacher training workshops. These where delivered as part of Ariel’s Grassing or Grooming programme.
6th Jan 2021
We are currently working with Merseyside Youth Offenders Service (MYOS) on a resource focused on ‘Decision Making’.  Ariel worked with a number of young people within the MYOS system before the lockdown to help create the scripts and learning activities, this allowed us to make the resource feel accessible and truthful to the audience. 
10th Dec 2020
Ariel is again working with our partners from the Evens Foundation to translate one of our resources, this time for use in Germany.  We are working with new German partners from planpolitik to translate and refine the ‘Skills to Resist Radicalisation’ resource for use in a German context.
2nd Dec 2020
Ariel has been working in partnership with Wirral MBC to engage teachers in our programmes for a number of years but this year’s teacher training events faced a new challenge – bringing teachers from different schools together during the pandemic.  The solution, as has frequently been the case during 2020, was Zoom!
25th Nov 2020
Ariel’s digital literacy project ‘Building Resilience in an online world’ had to be adapted to fit in with the new way teachers are having to educate young people within the current social climate. We developed a remote program that allows teachers and pupils to follow an animated version of our project officer Rachael Mutch through a six week project around the theme of ‘Lockdown’. 
12th Aug 2019
Who am I: Rachael Mutch, Project Officer for Ariel Trust’s new digital literacy project ‘Building Resilience in an online world’.  About the Project:
25th Jul 2019
Ariel has recently piloted new resources aimed at tacking the growing challenges of the criminal exploitation of young people.