“Active learning strategies are key to effective health education, as they allow students to apply knowledge through practice.”   Herbert and Lohrmann(2011)

Ariel Trust offers a series of interventions designed to help you facilitate, evidenced based, active learning programs in response some of the most challenging issues faced by children today.

Our interventions include the following:

Skills for Healthy Relationships - tackling issue associated with inappropriate teenage relationships

Skills to Resist Radicalisation - tackling issues associated with violent extremism

Grassing or Grooming? - tackling issue associated with criminal exploitation of children

SafeSkills - tacking issues associated with sexual exploitation

CyberSense - tacking cyberbullying

By offering children active learning programs in which they can practice refusal and resistance skills we aim to make a measurable change to children’s behaviour.

To find out more about the scenario based interventions that we offer follow the links below. If you are interested in becoming a partner, with access to our existing programmes, click here or on the partnership tab above.