What is Denial 1 and how does it support the English Curriculum?

Denial 1 tackles issues surrounding bullying, peer pressure and homophobia and equips young people with skills to deal with bullying in a positive and effective manner. The film and exercises deal with issues in a sensitive and thought provoking way, providing excellent stimulus for English lessons.
The resource includes a wide range of spoken language and listening exercises that are capable of being assessed within English lessons. These exercises engage and motivate pupils and include storyboards, monologues and analysis of text.
An example lesson plan 'writing your own monologue' can be viewed in more detail here. Full curriculum mapped lesson plans for all other exercises are included within the resource. 


Can Denial be used to 'close the gap'?
Denial 1 is aimed at all ability levels and will help pupils to take positive action to challenge homophobia. Activities are interactive and visually stimulating and so particularly suitable for lower ability groups.
The resource improves academic attainment and enables schools to address prejudice-based bullying, in order to develop a culture of respect and understanding amongst young people. It can therefore be used to motivate disadvantaged pupils in order to support schools to ‘close the gap’ within their school environment.


What is the impact of Denial?


Denial 1 has been shown to be particularly effective in engaging and motivating those young people who are currently failing in English and can support schools work with this group and to achieve the Government’s floor standards.
An example area of impact for Denial is: 'Increasing academic attainment', to see more evaluation content please click here.

“I would absolutely recommend teachers in other schools to use this resource, the issues are handled very sensitively and the pupils loved it.” Miss Hayes, Head of English, SFX

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